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re: Vol 2 Book 2 Chapter 5 - Catch me if you can Part I


Clawfury curses to himself, as he tried to catch up to Aquilla, as she ride ahead of him.

'Aquilla what are you doing?' screamed at Aquilla, but to no avail.


Aquilla seems to be headed off somewhere as she left Michael Delving behind her and head

northeastly towards Hobbiton. Hobbits in Hobbiton, witness the unusual sight of a female rider

being chased, by an angry dwarf and they were displeased at the situation. Some of the female

hobbits became angry and grabbed their pots and pans and started to toss them directly at Clawfury!

'Ow...Ow...What...Are...Ow...You...Ow...Doing?...It...Not...What...ow...You...ow...Think' said Clawfury, 

while trying to dodge the flying missiles and continue his pursuit of Aquilla.


Soon Clawfury and Aquilla left Hobbiton and went northwards towards Brockenborings, near Greenfields.

Aquilla seem to stopped in Brockenborings. Just as Clawfury reached out towards Aquilla, another deja vu

happens, as more female hobbits came out and throw their sickles and pitchforks at Clawfury! Clawfury

was feeling mighty peeved about getting hit again and scream out in a loud voice.


'Oi Pal what are you doing?'


Aquilla's eyes sudden turned red and she ride off out of Brockenborings to the east


'Not again!' groaned Clawfury, as he chased after Aquilla again.


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